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Just added - Cast your own chess sets using our chess mold imported from Great Britain.  Choose from 47 different chess sets including Oriental, Classical, Fantasy, European, Whimsical and many other themes.

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Descriptions of our Collections


See our new and exciting brass rubbing products.  Brass rubbing is the medieval art form where paper is stretched over brass plaques in churches and tombs and an impression is taken of the plaque by rubbing with special hard waxes.  Due to the skill of the person taking the rubbing and the variance in pressure on the wax, the resulting piece of art is both a unique representation of the original image and highly pleasing to the eye.  All our brasses and other equipment is imported from specialist manufacturers in England and Wales.


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Large Professional Rubbings :-  We have managed to obtain a limited number of rubbings professionally produced by the staff of the Westminster Abbey Brass Rubbing Center in London before it closed in 1998.  All of these beautifully produced rubbings are finished with the title of the piece added in golden calligraphy below the rubbing.  We ship all rubbings in a golden presentation tube.

Woodhouse Feast - Large German Rubbing Professionally Produced by the Staff at Westminster Abbey, London

Large Professional Rubbings
from Westminster Abbey

Medium Sized Rubbings :-  We have currently 12 rubbing designs to choose from.  7 are certified reproduction of medieval brasses taken from European churches and tombs, 2 are Victorian  rubbings in the medieval style,  and 3 are reproductions of Scottish Celtic crosses.  Each rubbing is professionally produced in your choice of Gold, Silver, Bronze-Copper or Multicolor on either white or black paper and signed by the artist.  Rubbings are shipped in a protective cardboard tube or if you prefer selected rubbings can be fully framed up complete with glass and acid free matt.

Orkney - Linness Celtic Cross - Gold Brass Rubbing on White Background  

Multicolor General Sir Robert Wilson Brass Rubbing on Black Background
Religious Rubbings Historical Figures

Brass Rubbing Kits:-  We currently stock a selection of 45 of these fun and educational brass rubbing kits aimed specially at children, but fun even for adults to do.  Each kit comprises of a molded historical or mythical figure (or even a dinosaur) attached to a stiff card; 10 sheets of paper; and a wax stick large enough to do much more than 10 rubbings. 

Silver Dragon Brass Rubbing
Dragon Kit

Madonna Brass Rubbing Plaque
Madonna Kit


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