Supercast Chess Mold Sets #2
Make your own chess sets with these unusual British mold sets.  With care these molds can last many years.  Click here to see the fine detail typical in our chess pieces.  Many pieces also make excellent characters for fantasy games.  They can either be painted in multicolors or left in natural colors (white) and pigmented (black).  Chess pieces can be cast in either plaster, cement or resin (casting material not included in price).  See our how to make Supercast Chess Set page for details of casting materials and process.  Click to see our Chess Mold Set #1 or the additional 20 chess set molds available on special order.  Chess sets comprise of a minimum of 9 moulds (1 of each piece plus 4 pawns).

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Classical Chess Set Molds
Dogs Chess Set Molds
Eastern Chess Set Molds
English Chess Set Molds
Hercules Chess Set Molds
Louis XIV Chess Set Molds
Louis XIV
Mandarin Chess Set Molds
Royal Beasts Chess Set Molds
Royal Beasts
Scottish Chess Set Molds



The English & Scottish sets can be purchased together to make great adversaries.  Ask about price breaks for ordering 2 sets.

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Chinese Imperial Chess Set Molds
Chinese Imperial
Cobra Queen Chess Set Molds
Cobra Queen
Columbus Chess Set Molds
Elizabethan Chess Set Molds

Mikado Chess Set Molds



Casting Materials
Click here to learn more about our materials.  Note: the total order of Tough Stone may be packaged in one bag.  Although we recommend the use of Tough Stone for optimum results, with care excellent results can be achieved using store bought fine cements.

Qty  Description                           


5 kg Tough Stone (strong white material, easy to paint) $19.95
1 kg Tough Stone $4.05
1/2 kg Tough Stone $2.95

Please Note : Unfortunately due to the high cost of shipping, we do not sell casting materials to our customers outside USA.   Also note for these heavy materials it is most economic for us to ship in  fixed rate boxes.  Typically for casting materials only our cart overestimates cost of shipping and we generally refund US postage in excess of $15.  Call to confirm shipping discount.

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